They’ve arrived! It’s been a long time since this North Coast Campus Creative Project was started back in 2019 but the long awaited personliased signposts for each campus school are finally in situ and have created a visual link for the whole campus. Michael Bullen a local glass artist was contacted during the first lock down to work with us on a creative project to connect
each of the campus school in a creative visual way. He has been the creative brain behind the whole project and with funding from CNSF (Caithness North Sutherland Fund) and SSE  grants and a generous donation of glass from Lani McGregor, Director of Bullseye Projects and major support from the Farr High Parent Council the project was up and running.

Pupils from each campus school were invloved with finding drift wood from the shores of our local beaches and in school making creative line drawings of images that they felt portrayed their invidiual schools and the campus community as a whole. S1 pupils from Farr High School worked with Mrs Wilkinson in delivering drawing workshops in each of the campus primary schools and even parents and family members and friends were able to take part with creating drawings that are now featured on pieces of glass inside the signposts’ framework. Despite the interuptions of covid restrictions everyone collaborated in some way to help make the creative signposts a feature for each of our schools. A big thank you to everyone involved with special thanks to Michael Bullen, Lani McGregor, Director of Bullseye Projects,  Farr High Parent Council, Caithness North Sutherland Fund and SSE.