All pupils are encouraged to be Eco warriors and by being involved in Eco schools we hope to embark on a meaningful path towards either raising or improving environmental awareness for pupils, hopefully providing a life-long positive impact on their lives as well as on the wider community.

Being a part of Eco schools develops pupils’ skills whilst increasing confidence, development of leadership skills, improved wellbeing, behaviour and motivation.

This year we have completed a litter pick in Tongue going as far as the shop. There was definitely a lot less litter than in the summer. It is nice to see the difference our hard work is making.  This was 25th November 2022!

On Monday 19th December 2022 the Eco Committee did a litterpick around Talmine. We were delighted not to see too much litter and will return in the summer to compare the difference. 

In September 2022 we had our ECOFLAG renewed.