On 12th January we were learning how to measure to the nearest metre or half metre.

On 1st December p 2-4 and the ELC got to meet live with Santa’s Reindeer and the elves helped us make our own Reindeer Dust for Christmas eve.

P2-4 pupils posted their letters to Santa on 2nd December 2022. We have all been really good this year so hopefully he will come and see us all.

On 3rd November Donald Mitchell the countryside rangers joined us. He spoke to us about mammals that we can find in our area and mammals that used to live here but are now extinct. He then let us sketch some of his mammals skulls.

In October P1-4 completed our Rainforest fact files and we are very proud of all our hard work. We shared them with the ELC and P5-7.

Tongue Primary joined forces with Farr Primary for the Caithness International Science Festival in September.

The children from both schools enjoyed a visit from Edinburgh University School Of Chemistry on 26th September in Farr Primary where they created their own glitter shakers.  In this experiment they tested to discover whether oil and water mix.

On 27th September they teamed up once more to enjoy a visit from Dynamic Earth’s Planetarium, this time hosted by Tongue Primary.